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Emmanuel's Story from Amanda Stoddard on Vimeo.

Mobility represents independence and integration—something denied to the disabled in much of the world. Through One Revolution’s outreach program, Mobility Revolution, we hopes to give people opportunities to live their lives more fully.

Many people suffer obstacles that could be eliminated, or at least minimized. We seek solutions by working with those who are affected. Our first project will adapt the handcycle used to climb Kilimanjaro to one that can be easily and affordably manufactured throughout the world. The All-Terrain Handcycle will represent an opportunity to expand people’s lives by allowing them to traverse the rutted, sandy, and rocky roads to participate in commerce and support a family.

One Revolution will work with Mobility Care in Tanzania to produce the first All-Terrain Handcycles. Our R&D will lead to a prototype and a gig to produce more vehicles. Through fundraising, we also intend to distribute handcycles and wheelchairs and provide vocational opportunities for people with disabilities.

For One Revolution, the essence is in the opportunity and the story. We want to help individuals start a better life and we want to prepare society for individuals with increased opportunities. We will film the vehicle development from sketches to fabrication, distribution and use. Our R&D will be free to anyone in need. Creative Director Amanda Stoddard and Education Director Donna Volpitta will design an interactive program to bring the whole effort alive for students both on the R&D front and the social education front.

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